The Step Back

by Suzanne Maiden on May 19, 2016


SIX MONTHS BEFORE I WAS DIAGNOSED WITH TERMINAL CANCER I STARTED TO SEE DEAD PEOPLE. But, this story is not about cancer. This story is not about death and dying. This story is about life and living. This story is about dead people who come to me in spirit to enlist my help to provide specific messages to their loved ones. The dead are very much alive and they want you to know.

As of this writing, I am still in treatment for metastatic cancer. Low white blood cell counts led my hematologist to suggest a four month “medication vacation.” Two months have passed. Spirits continue to appear. They urge me to write this story – their story – they want you to know that they aren’t dead, because there is no such thing as death. We merely pass from one state of existence to the other – spirit.

Part of me does not want this assignment. My battle-fatigued body needs rest. I juggle multiple obligations between my husband, teenage son, and aging father as I continue to practice as a Psychotherapist. Although my schedule has been cut in half, due to my cancer treatment protocol, I maintain two offices. Time is precious. My body fights me. My body hurts. I have not had a pain free day in two and a half years. But, I cannot die before I share my experiences of Spirit’s who’ve appeared to me and have provided specific evidence so that their loved ones will recognize the message as valid.

When Spirit shows up for a message for their loved one, I am constantly delighted and amused at their cleverness. I shouldn’t be of course, because they are divine intelligent beings. Sometimes what they show me makes no sense, but I’ve learned too that I am truly just the messenger. When I stick exactly to what they’ve shown me – I’m dead on. After Spirit provides facts, their last message is always the same: “I love you, I’m proud of you, I’m around you… our bond can never be broken.” If my deathly diagnosis catapulted me towards seeing dead people, Spirits, in effort to help grieving hearts heal – I would do every surgery, months of chemotherapy, vomiting, and all of the pain over again.

As God is my witness, every word, every story, every event that is written in these pages is real. Some minor changes have been made to protect the person’s identity. Everything else is true. My deadly dance with cancer delivered me my life. I invite you to join me to journey between worlds.

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Defending the Voice of the Dead

by Suzanne Maiden on May 16, 2016

I see, hear, smell, and feel dead people. That is, people, just like you and me who have died and returned to God. Your loved ones reside in the Spiritual realm – they’ve merely discarded their physical body. They are known to me as Spirit. Spirit often appears to me, without my trying – typically when I am with somebody they love. This happens to me a lot. When I’m in a very relaxed state, the door to the spirit world opens. A spirit appears. If it sounds strange to read this – experiencing it feels unbelievable.

How Spirit Connects

Spirit comes to me so I can give you the gift of evidence-based messages. Your loved ones who have “died” continue to hang around and are present during your challenges and triumphs. Your loved ones continue to encourage and cheer you on. Their purpose and intention is always, of the highest divine integrity. Their message is always saturated with LOVE. PERIOD. How does this happen? I don’t know. How do they give me messages? Spirit patiently flashes me with images of what they looked like, what significant pieces of jewelry they may have worn, a specific hobby or talent (playing the piano, or dancing), or they give me smells that would be meaningful to their loved one – like tobacco smoke, or garlic, they give me their name, and if I have trouble understanding their name – they have spelled it out like, “My name is Anne – but with and ‘e’, and I hear a specific accents. I have even felt pain related to the circumstances of their death. One time my head was excruciating from a girl who was thrown from her horse and died of head trauma. And another time, I felt really high. I didn’t know that the woman in front of me had lost her daughter to a drug overdose.

My gift comes from God. I consider this Holy and a sacred gift to be used to help people heal from the death of a loved one. I have never seen or felt anything from spirit other than unconditional love. Many people question my gift. Some people suggest my gift is actually the work of Satan, or fallen angels, or any other explanation they can assign to it other than the Holy Spirit. I am not a religious scholar. I grew up in the Christian Faith and attended Sunday school. I am grateful that I was exposed to many religious perspectives to include Judaism, Catholicism, Buddhism and Hinduism. I don’t know why God gave me this task. I am flawed. I’ve broken most of the Ten Commandments. I am not trying to present myself as anything special. My friends would (privately) out me anyway.

My Spiritual Truth

I will not yield in my spiritual truth.

My truth is that your loved ones appear to me so that I can give you a message. Their message is always, always of love. How can love be anything less than God? I will not shrink back from defending the voice of the dead. I will not stop delivering their messages because others may be unable to integrate this experience into their repertoire of knowledge. The work I do is sacred. For whatever reason, I have been assigned to be a messenger of hope to help people heal their broken hearts. This covenant between God and me is Holy. Amen.

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